Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recent Web Browsing Learnings

I was lamenting the fact that browsing the web is not very productive to a friend and she suggested I summarize my learnings in written form, possibly posting such a composition to my blog. I decided I'll give that a try by looking through my browser history...
  • Stopping a "fixey" bike requires using the back tire as a skid break. I read the article because I learned about the fixey trend roughly a year ago at a vegan dinner in SF. My most recent trend following involved buying a pinstriped black blazer.
  • Having a laser-focused purpose can produce incredible results. Jim Collins apparently proposed four days after his first date with his wife, who later said she wanted to win an Ironman Triathlon which Collins quit his job to help her do. There has to be more details to these surprising tidbits but amazingly facts this NYT writer found.
  • It's hard to open up old file formats. I'm a real life possessional minimalist but a digital pack rat and recently found this link was one of the top results for opening old Clarisworks files. I was trying to do this so I could look back on my 8th grade graduation speech which I plan to reference in the address I'm giving in about 10 days.

I think I proved to myself with this post that aimless browsing of the web can help you accumulate many tidbits of knowledge but it still doesn't really "accomplish" much.

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